Helllooo Exumas

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“Pig Beach”


After crossing the Gulf Stream and making it in and out of Nassau Harbor, the next step on our journey are the Exumas Cays of the Bahamas. Exuma sound has spectacular water colors and ideal sailing conditions. Even with winds around 20 knots, there’s barely a ripple on the water in the Sound. The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park have 12 or so Cay’s that lie within the park. There are creeks, caves, hiking trails, pigs, and amazing reefs. The “no-take” rule within the park has allowed fish populations and reefs to flourish. It is said that even if you take a few months to explore the Exumas, one couldn’t possibly see all that it has to offer. It is also highly recommended to take your time island hopping through.

Highbourne Cay

Beyond the amazing reefs, spectacular waters, and unique landscapes, it is summer time – the slow season in the Bahamas. A lot of the time it was only us or maybe another boat at the various anchorages we visited. Often there were nurse sharks or lush reefs right off the stern of our boat. The mangrove creeks are crystal clear water unlike I’ve ever seen in Florida. The park has several mooring balls on various islands and beaches that are just unbelievably beautiful. There are sand bars and coral gardens throughout. Without a doubt the Exumas are one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.



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  1. I could leave tomorrow for the Exumas and never get bored of the scenery, water and people. Who did you use in Florida for the registration transfer of you catamaran? thanks

    • We didn’t register in Florida. We documented with the USCG. I filled out the paperwork. My broker (Greg Bracken) sent in the paperwork for Florida to make the selection as far as which option we were choosing of a few regarding not paying taxes in Fl and thus our plans to leave the state. CHeers!

  2. You guys ok with the storm coming? Worried about you guys!

    • Hi thanks for asking! We were in the best hurricane hole around and completely stripped the boat. We put out 3 storm anchors and two bridles and let her swing. And then we got off the boat. Irma just skirted us and our family plus the Nauti Mermaid were unscathed. Just no internet or electric and some downed trees. We are busy putting everything back together and cleaning up the island.