We Had It Wrong, The Boat is Lost

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We had a 60-second satellite phone call from Jennifer this afternoon. She said that everyone was okay, but the Nauti Mermaid was a total loss. The 150 mph winds had flipped her over and the repair cost would likely be higher than the replacement costs.

I asked her if we should arrange to bring them all back to Florida, but she said no. They were receiving a lot of love and support from the local community and they want to stay there and help rebuild.

I'm at a loss to understand how our analysis of the post-storm photos was so wrong. I can only surmise that there must be more to the story and circumstances than we currently understand.

UPDATE 9/28/2017

Viewing the CNN article published today, I was able to find the boat in the NOAA aerial photo. The problem seems to be that I was mentally searching for a sunken boat or a boat pushed up and into the mangroves and I had failed to recognize that what I thought was a small building at the end of a road was actually an inverted catamaran. After having viewed the CNN on-the-scene images, it became easy to spot.

Matt (Jennifer's dad)

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  1. Just showed The Naughty Mermaid on CNN. Rebuild, set up Go Fund Me page, never know? I hope you continue to chase your dreams

  2. They showed the Nauti Mermaid on CNN this morning turned upside down on the beach. I was dumbstruck when the reporter Bill Weir said the vessel name since I’m a follower. I’m glad to know you and your family are safe. My prayers are with you, the people of Vieques and Puerto Rico.


  3. Hurricane is a devil side of great Nature, if it goes to ashore!
    The good thing, that a crew is safe after disaster!
    The catamaran should be insured, and I hope the insurance company will cover the most expenses for a replacement.
    Still, it will be hard work to you guys!
    I wish you to recover as soon as possible!