Tomas & I September 2016.

Hello, we’re Tomas and Jenny “el gato y la sirena” and this is our story…from the beginning

Tomas and I met in Vieques in March of 2012.  We were on very different paths at the time.   I was living in FL preparing to apply to a Masters of Science of anesthesia program.  Tomas was living in Vieques, PR and owned a freelance Construction/Handyman business.  My best friend suggested going to the tiny island of Vieques for the weekend to celebrate her birthday on one of my various trips to visit them in Puerto Rico.  “No stoplights, wild horses, and the worlds brightest bioluminescent bay!” she had me sold.  We headed over to Fajardo, from San Juan, bright and early for the 8am ferry to Vieques.  A sister island 7 miles off the east coast of PR in part of the Spanish Virgin Islands.  I did indeed fall in love with the tiny island and as it happens
with one of its natives as well.

Tomas and I met in passing on Friday night at Duffy’s on the quaint strip in Esperanza. He brought me over a refill beer as I had taken

Wild horses Vieques 2012.

a seat while Elisa and Matt danced to a salsa song that the dj had just put on. I wanted to dance but didn’t have a partner.  So I took a seat in an empty bench at one of the booths in their airy outdoor seating.  Tomas came over to me from the bar and set a cold beer down in front of me and said “Te gusta bailar salsa?” (“Do you like to dance salsa?”).  I put out my hand in a gesture to take his and started to stand up, while saying “Si me encanta!” (“Yes I’d love to!).  And his eyes got big and he said “PUES a mi NO” (“Oh I DON’T!)…LOL… I gracefully retracted my hand and sat back down thinking “que cojones!”.  (“what balls!”). LOL.  

After the song ended, Matt and Eli were ready to continue on to the next bar.   We headed to Lazy Jacks down the strip so I said “bye” to Tomas aloofly and moved on.

Tomas’s after-party bonfire on the beach March 17, 2012.

The next night there was an after- party on the beach that the island was buzzing about (during “Ley Seca” or the “Dry Law” around voting).  In typical small island style, directions to the party were drive up the road from Esperanza and park by the big rock on the left.  Walk through the woods towards the beach and you’ll see the party.  We met up with a few people as they arrived to the rock at the same time.   Luckily they had flashlights to navigate around the horse poo and logs in the woods.  About 8 people formed a single file line hiking a good 5-10 minutes.  We walked downhill towards the sound of the music and the intermittent flashes through the trees from the bonfire.

Coincidentally the host of the party was Tomas.  We again crossed paths and he quickly came over to me and said “Me recuerdas de anoche?” (“Do you remember me from last night?”) I responded “Como no?” (“How could I not?”) With a smirk.

Tomas had a sound system with big speakers set up on the beach and different people were taking turns acting as dj. We all conversed under the stars until late into the night.  The night sky in Vieques is just spectacular, it’s as if you see infinite galaxies beyond.


Playa Navio 2012.

Tomas offered that night to take my friends and I around the island the following day by boat.  It was Sunday and we were planning to catch the afternoon ferry back to the main island later in the day.  After returning our rental jeep in the morning, our group of 5 jumped into the back of Tomas’s friends pickup truck.  It was raining out as we headed down the winding dirt roads towards Pata Prieta beach on the old naval base.

We spent the day on a boat exploring, eating fresh fish, and conversing on the beach.  As we were hurriedly leaving, I got my bag with my cell phone wet as I climbed into the boat for the ride back to Esperanza. Once in Esperanza we quickly thanked Tomas and his friends. We swiftly said goodbyes to return to our hotel to pack up and head to the ferry.

Elisa & Matt eating whole fried fish at playa Pata Prieta March 18, 2012.

Unbeknownst to me, as my cell phone had gotten wet and wasn’t working, Tomas went to our hotel. He sat outside and was sending me text messages to come outside to say goodbye before leaving.  His messages went unanswered and we made it to the ferry on time and back over to the main island.

My phone came back to life many hours later after a time in a bag of rice (really does work!).   And all the messages from Tomas started coming through. We started texting and then Skyping, and have spoken everyday from that day forward. I didn’t see him in person again until several months later.  When I had another break from classes and he flew me back to Vieques. I was definitely hoping he knew how to kiss better than he knew how to dance! Lol…And he does. Thank god!

Milan & Taleia in Vero Beach, FL August 2016.

The rest, as they say, is history. We fell in love.  We have two kids and have shifted, redefined and combined our dreams for our future together. (Goodbye biochemistry….Hellloooo Puerto Ricoooo Ha!)

Over the past four years we have been working hard to bring our dream into fruition.  After lots of hard work our business plan for Nauti Mermaid Charters in Vieques, PR got approved for financing by the bank.   And we are going to be shopping for a luxury sailing catamaran vessel!  We are beyond excited!

We are creating this blog to share with you the rest of our journey towards making our dream a reality.  Maybe in the process we will inspire or motivate one of you to believe in your dreams, whatever they may be, and to start taking the actions necessary to bring them to life.  Before you know it, it’s happening!