We Think We’ve Spotted Her

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UPDATE ON 9/28/2017

Viewing the CNN article published today, I was able to find the boat in the NOAA aerial photo. The problem seems to be that I was mentally searching for a sunken boat or a boat pushed up and into the mangroves and I had failed to recognize that what I thought was a small building at the end of a road was actually an inverted catamaran. After having viewed the CNN on-the-scene images, it became easy to spot.



Communications with Vieques has been extremely limited and we've still haven't been able to establish any direct communications with the family.

Despite the absence of any direct communications with the crew, we're encouraged because we think we've spotted the Nauti Mermaid peacefully anchored in a bay a few miles from the location that they used as a "Hurricane Hole" for the boat to ride out Hurricane Maria without having any crew aboard.

The aerial photograph is a max-zoomed-in image from a composite photo posted on the noaa.gov site. There is no single specific date that applies to the overall composite image, but the segment with the catamaran was taken on Sunday, September 24, 2017.

Other encouraging news that the self-organized group of residents, former residents, and friends of Vieques that formed ViequesLove has contracted the use of private and donated charter planes to get supplies directly into Vieques and high priority evacuees out. They also flew in a reporter to help focus some attention on the situation in Vieques. This effort yielded an article in the Washington Post, Island of Vieques remains isolated and silent since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico.

Posted by Matt Smith (Jennifer's father)