For Tomas and I this 41′ vessel is a big ass boat! It is all relative though. It is the biggest boat we have ever owned and catamarans are so wide and spacious in comparison with monohulls she feels huge to us. The ocean can nonetheless dwarf even the biggest of vessels and make you feel like a humble tiny guppy in the right conditions.

We are taking advantage of her being pulled out and trying to have some needed work done. The bottom paint needed to be done and we decided to have it done while at Saint Augustine Marine Center instead of having to re haul her out at another marina.
There were also several random small repairs that we wanted to get done from the survey report. We are having the old genset pulled out and a new one installed. We will have the marina use the forklift to remove the old and lift the new one in and plan to have Tomas handle the hook up.
We decided after researching to go with a 6kw Kohler diesel marine genset. The current one is an Onan 9kw and we think we should be fine with a bit smaller system. The current ones sound shield is gone (due to rust from leaking weather stripping in motor compartment) and whats remaining looks like a rust bucket. The

Taleia with her harness on aboard for the first time. 2/2017

previous owner tried to have it repaired prior to closing and the estimated cost was $4000 so we opted for a concession towards putting in a new system.
We have a lot of projects to get the vessel cleaned up and as baby proofed as possible. We are installing lifeline netting and using our tried and tested favorite baby proofing gadgets to secure dangerous cabinets and storage lockers etc.
We discovered one of the heads has an issue as the dirty water is reversing back into the toilet. We kept pumping it back into the holding tank and it would bubble back up. There are kits to repair the seals and pumps on these manual inexpensive Jabsco heads for like $80. But after researching it seems the best option will be upgrading our heads to a better quality toilet that is less prone to needing these repair kits frequently replaced. We were planning to install an electric head for our guests just not right this minute. We decided to change out our heads with Raritan toilets. So we will order those soon.

Both the kids and the dog seem to be adjusting well to the much smaller confines of the boat life. They are busy investigating everything and “helping” us do various projects around the boat. It is so impressive how adaptable children are.

We are keeping very busy juggling everything right now and the vlogging is one of the things that has taken a back seat. We are trying to keep up with it though! We are so excited and grateful that everything is finally coming together and that it is really happening and at the same time completely overwhelmed.
Thank you for joining us on our adventure and hopefully you will be inspired to follow your dreams too!



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  1. Hi, Congratulations – is it possible to get a copy of your expenses on the boat spreadsheet? I’m looking to get an older Catamaran, and am wonder about expenses, repairs etc. So any info is very helpful. Will be following your adventures – best

    • There is a book that may help you as it did for me early on in the process for making financial projections. “The Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat: The Definitive Guide for Liveaboards”. He breaks down the associated costs.

  2. You are all amazing

  3. Laura osorio

    Hola sobrinos estamos muy contentos por ustedes por haber hecho sus sueƱo realidad .que papito Dios los guie y los cuide por esos caminos que pronto van a emprender hacia su nuevo destino. Cuidencen y pronto nos vemos los queremos mucho .besos..

  4. Taleia is the perfect skipper!

    Que belleza!

  5. In all seriousness, can I get a copy of your business plan? I never thought about using an SBA loan to finance a boat. I was thinking of going the mortgage route, but the SBA route is very interesting to me…