The Spirit of The Cat & The Mermaid

The name of our blog has a double meaning.

The first is for both of our nicknames;  Tomas, “el gato” (the cat), and myself, “the mermaid”.

Tomas’s Titi (Aunt) Valen, in childhood gave him the nickname “gato mañoso”, (best translated as the “trickster cat”) due to his mischievous nature.  The nickname “gato” (cat) has carried on into adulthood.  His physique is agile and lanky like a cat.   My sister calls him “el gato suave” (“smooth cat”) for his laid back demeanor.  I also tease him of being a cat because he rarely will get into the water despite his love of being around it.
I have always been referred to as a mermaid.  I have had waist length wavy hair since my teenage years and I always have been a lover of the water.  In the ocean or the pool, I am typically the first one in and the last one out of the water.

The other meaning comes from our catamaran, commonly called a cat, and our sailing business Nauti Mermaid Charters, the mermaid.

We started this blog to document our journey and share our dream coming to life- inspired by a couple we’ve actually never met- Nikki and Jason from Gone With the Wynns.  They are full time travelers, currently aboard their recently purchased catamaran, and maintain a great blog of their adventures.  We stumbled onto their blog and videos four months ago they were in the process of getting rid of their RV and buying a catamaran.  Not only did they coincidentally purchase a boat from Vero Beach, where we currently live, they also took the exact same ASA courses that we did from the same school in Lauderdale that we did.  They are young, adventurous, kindred spirits…. and have offered some valuable information for us.  We have enjoyed sharing in their journey and found their blog helpful.

We decided to also share our unique journey with the public as we make our dream a reality!  We hope you will join us on our families adventure and we also hope to share useful information and maybe even inspire others to make their dream a reality too.